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    Trade Icon Nuggets Don't Want To Trade Melo To Knicks

    A source close to the situation tells ESPN that the Nuggets prefer not to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks, who are presumed to be the superstar's preferred destination.
    The Knicks continue to pursue Anthony and have tried to enlist the Blazers to facilitate a three-team trade. So far Portland has made Nicolas Batum off limits in any scenario.
    Denver feels that the Nets will keep their offer of Derrick Favors and draft picks on the table through the trade deadline in February.
    The Nuggets remain likely to deal Anthony rather than face losing him to free agency in the off-season.

    This was on RealGM who picked it up from ESPN
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    3 team deal with the Blazers huh?

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    I'm telling you, Denver's owner and the people he had w him were made to look foolish at Carmelo's wedding when Chris Paul toasted a Knicks trio. That was so foolish on Paul's part. Denver's ownership took that really personally. Sometimes it's something as simple as,that. Our pieces really don't look that great either. That ain't helping.

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    Originally Posted by KnicksWillRiseAgain

    This was on RealGM who picked it up from ESPN
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    3 team deal with the Blazers huh?
    this is really nothing new and I think everyone knows that if Melo wanted to be a Net, then he would have been there a month ago when the deal became dead.

    Melo wants to be a Knick and the Knicks want him more than anyone which means he will force Denver to make a deal with the Knicks. He has leverage. Any source that says that NY is not Melo's first choice is retarded and any source that really thinks that after everything that has happened, that Melo would still consider wasting 2 years in Newark (the dump) NJ is retarded as well.

    The Bulls would be the only other team and they don't want to trade we are the only team left and we can put together a good package, Denver is just killing time thinking they can get some sucker team so offer an amazing package.

    Gallo, Chandler, Randolph, 2014 1st round pick, and four 2nd round picks is good enough and Chandler and/or Randolph can be traded for 1st round pick so they can pick their poison.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    I think what's happening here is denver is using every last bit of their time hoping a 3rd party can come into play. We've heard reports about varejao and the cavs, the bulls and noah, and now the blazers. They aren't sold on anything the knicks are willing to offer, so they are scouring the league for a team with better assets and hoping they will play around in a 3way with the knicks. best case scenario for us would be if no other option presents itself, and denver lets melo go for whoever we want to give them. I honestly feel the knicks are being smart with this one, and it seems like they aren't gonna wrecklessly gut the team for melo at this point, otherwise a trade would have already been made.
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