While STAT didn't have the greatest game, you gotta figure that Gallo and TD and Felton don't get those good looks from behind the arc that they do without having STAT in the paint.

Blocked shots were once again a plus for a team that was 2nd to last in the league in blocked shots last year and worst in the league (by far) last year.

Douglas can ball - he isn't afraid to take the ball to the basket, he plays a great game in transition, and he's a good 3-pt shooter. What a game.

Great game by Felton - he facilitated, he took good shots, and he took advantage of the fact that he's fast as hell.

Gallo seems over the slump. I especially liked when he put the ball back in, showing his willingness to get in the paint down and dirty if necessary.

Good game by Turiaf - he hustled, played hard, and played good defense and blocked shots. I like that.

Wilson had a slightly colder night but still played good defense and provided some good hustle.

They shot well from the charity stripe tonight after having a simply horrendous game from the free throw line against the Blazers.

I like what this team is doing. ANY road win is a big deal for our team, let alone a road win against the Bulls, who always play well at the United Center. Of course there are things the team has to work on, but they're doing well all things considered.