These talking heads on TNT talk a lot of **** about the Knicks. Kerr, i imagine, because he thinks Amar'e is overrated and wouldn't give him the contract and hates to see his new team succeeding. And Barkley because he is a complete idiot.

How do these guys qualify as experts? Barkley is so stupid it hurts my head every time he talks. The guy is borderline retarded. His approach to everything is "TALK NOW, THINK SOMETIME WHEN I"M DEAD" He was the same way on the court and used his size and athleticism to win matchups, rather then making smart plays.

I guess it's his inciting remarks that get viewers, kind of like the "Don Cherry" of basketball, with a lot less respect from his peers and a lot less knowledge of his game of choice.

Either way, they lambasted the knicks throughout the night even though we were destroying the bulls. The first half was all knicks and still they could only find time to talk about noah and rose during the halftime show.