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    Game Thread Knicks vs Wizards November 5th

    After a Nationally telivised battle, In which the Knicks were Victorius against there all time Rivals, The Chicago Bulls the Knicks look to take there winning momentum home as they square off against Break Out Rookie Star John wall and the Wizards. Its Knicks vs Wizards at the Garden on MSG tv and ESPN radio 1050 tonight at 7:30


    Heres a look at our starting Line ups, Sponsered by!

    Washington Wizards

    PG: John Wall

    SG: Kirk Hinrich

    SF: Al Thorton

    PF: Andray Blatche

    C: Javale McGee

    Now your 2010-2011 New York Knicks!

    At Point Guard Number 2 from the University of North Carolina,
    Raymond Felton!

    At SG from Stanford University, Number 6,
    Landry Fields!

    At SF, from Milan italy, Number 8, Danilooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Galllllinariiiiiii!!!!!!!

    and now, at PF, from Orlando, Florida, 5 time All star, number 1, Amare Stoudemire!

    At Center, From some weird Country called Russia, The Soviet Slasher, the Moscow Maller, number 25, Timofey Mozgov!!!!!

    Now its time for our Keys to the game! Sponsered by Mcdonalds! McRib is back!(Thats actually serious. Go get like 3 McRibs before you watch this game! They are back people im Dead serious. this isnt a joke. Go get one NOW, and 1 for later!....also maybe pick up maybe a crave case from white castle, a box of tacos from taco bell, and some soda...I will be at your house later.....)

    1.Rebounding- We have been doing pretty well on Rebounding these past few games! lets try and keep it that way!

    2.Shot Selection- Last night the reason we won is because we had good shot selection and our 3s were falling. Yah here that amare???? Your not LeBron/kobe! Stop taking 3s and fancy jump shots, Ok take a few jump shots but get inside damn it! same thing with Chandler, If the 3s dont fall, work your way inside.

    3.Go go Gallinari!- there couldnt have been a better time for Gallo to break his shooting slump then against the bulls on National TV! If we can get what we got out of Gallo Last night we could blow out the Jizzards! (no Homo)

    Our Featured match of the game is,

    Raymond Felton (NYK)
    Toney "teach me how to" Douglas(NYK)
    John Wall (WIZ)

    Raymond needs to use his experiance and speed to be able to keep John Wall from taking over the game with his Energy and Enthusiasm, While Toney "Dougie" needs to use his recently learned NBA experiance, Energy, and Youthfullness to be able to come off the bench and score on Wall.

    Tip offs tonight at 7:30!


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