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Please, you don't have the type of success D'ant has had without having strategy. The fact that you make that statemnt only highlights how blinded you are by hate. You are are negative hater and it's kinda sad that we can't fire you as a Knick fan.

Let's see...you hate on D'ant even though we are playing really good on both ends of the court, day dream about Earl Barron in a thong, long for Darko and wish we signed Tom "DNP Rose, Deng and Noah in the 4th" Thibodeau. Yea, your credibility is zero dude.

Almost every complaint about D'ant you have has been proven false.

Strong defense...check!
10 man rotation...check!
Playing rookies...check!
Benching Gallo when he was slumping...check!

It's almost like D'ant reads this forum and is going out of his way to prove how clueless you are!
Amen. really, Amen. **** the haters!