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Now I see why the Wizards refuse tp play PG-Wall vs Douglas in the SLG.
Since preseason Douglas is beasting 2-0 over rookie Wall.

I know a win over the Wizards is nothing big ........but if we keep this 9+ man
rotation and apply the same inside/outside game on 76ers & Bucks, we
may have a chance of winning both of those games (5-2). The Bucks &
76ers has been playing "only" one level above the Wizards this season.

The so-call "HATER" Kiyaman, posted the above comment before all u Damnphony-luvers started giving all the praise for this Knick WIN over the 1-3 Wizards to Bum Dantoni.
Do any of u Damnphony-Luvers ever recall Dantoni using a 9+Man rotation in his NBA career?
There is no debate on Damnphony coaching the Knicks the past two seasons using a 6 and 7 man rotation of role-players. Its called TANKING!

Let me get this straight. When this team last year wasn't playing defense, and people like me, Trillion, a few others said that was a product of the team not being good defensive players. And YOU KIYAMAN said that a good defensive coach would teach the team defense, REGARDLESS of the personnel.

Then, this year, when we are playing good defense, it is 100% to do with the personnel 0% to do with D'Antoni, the personnel on the squad (which is what people like me said from the get go...).

So either you were lying about your opinion then or are lying about your opinion now, either way you want to put it.
Fact is, those of us that said it was the personnel that made us a bad defensive team last year and in year's past are clearly being proven right. Kiya wants to be right so bad he just makes up things to make D'Antoni look horrible. If we won the finals this year Kiya would be mad that we didn't sweep. Just admit it Kiya: you were wrong. It's okay. Nobody will think less of you. In fact, what you are doing now, clearly lying and making up truths to defend your inane and incorrect commentary and predictions from the past makes everyone (including myself) lose respect for you by the instant.
K-Black......all that u wrote is bullshuuuut.
My biggest complaint about BUM Dantoni has always been his usage of small-rotations, and his inability to write a design play in a halfcourt setting.
We all know the reason why Damnphony is no longer coaching his favorite Phoenix Suns (NO Defensive Plan). Other posters mention no-defense D'antoni, I dont have to its already a FACT in the NBA.
Last season we watched Larry Hughes & Jefferies leadership use the same defensive-zone they used when they played for headcoach Eddy Jordan Wizards to hold 9 Knick oponents under 100 points, plus win 6 of those 9 games.