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    Originally Posted by jpz17
    New York > Atlanta Hawks
    LOL ! I know we're all Knicks fans here but let's be realistic.

    "We've suffered enough"...Stephen A. Smith

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    Originally Posted by abcd
    Yes they are. The Bulls only lost to the Knicks, because they didn't have Carlos Boozer.

    The Nets are better than the Knicks at the center, point guard, and shooting guard position. They're better.

    The Cavs are better, as sad as it sounds.

    The Bucks have a better center and point guard than the Knicks. They're better.

    The Pacers have a better center, small forward, and shooting guard than the Knicks.

    The Knicks aren't going to the playoffs, but they will win 30-35 games this year.

    If they can get 34 or 35 wins, it'll be their most wins since 2004.

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    Originally Posted by keyser soze
    I think the Pacers are good. Look at the numbers Hibbert is putting up. He is in shape, he fixed or is help treating his asthma, he worked closely with Walton. Pacers are better than they get credit for.

    I don't think the Nets, Cavs or Bucks are better though, honestly.

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    Collison and Felton are equal, Collison has more potential.

    Jones sucks.
    Granger is good, but I feel like Gallo can reach his level...

    Hansborough is ass.

    Hibbert is a BEAST.

    but Knicks > Pacers overall.
    and no way in hell Knicks > Hawks.

    Hawks could be the best team in the East if they get a PG.

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    I can see the knicks fighting for the 6th spot i think with the knicks i think are and should be better than the Bucks, Pacers, Cavs, and Nets. Chi bulls i think are a better team and we beat them last time because Carlos Boozer didnt play. However, i can the knicks and Bulls fighting for the 5th spot as the Atl. Hawks, Orl Magic, Miami, and Boston i think are locks for the 1-4 spot. I think the bulls will eventually beat out the knicks for the 5th spot once Carlos Boozer gets back into full throttle shape. So yeah i see the realistic goal for the knicks is possibly the 6th spot- 7th spot with the Bulls eventually gaining the 5th spot in the Eastern conference. over the knicks. The bulls are a much better with the Pg, C. The PF position betwen the bulls and knicks is a good matchup but i think Amare is better than Boozer. I see Gallo as the imprtant key more than Chandler for the success of the team for us to gain a higher not in the EC spot because we need to see him incorporate other aspects other than jumpshot canniness. If Gallo`s three point shots are not faliing, then that this is a disadvantage and problem for us because Will chandler along with Amare cannot all do it by themselves in carrying the load of the team. Thats why i think Gallo is very important for the tea, to be better. So yeah i see the knicks in the 6th spot or even probably worse the 7th spot, which i hope not but i think probably wont happen. The Hawks are much better team than the Knicka with J. Johnson leading the way. We should be a much better team agisnt the nets, pacers, bucks,and sixers but in which the knicks should not have lost with the sixers winning. The positions that the knicks have a clear disadvantage compared to other teams is de. the center, SG position. The PF position is clearly the area where the knicks have a huge advantage and plus compared to the other teams in the EC. The Pg is much better than the prevous yrs. espeically with the subtraction of chirs duhon as a starter. If Buike can have a soild and effective starting performace when he comes back then that would be better and great for the team. Hopefully he comes back ready to go because watching highlights of Buike if not for the previous injury, I think he can be a key contributer for the team becuase you can see that he does have the talent to be a solid contributer to a team. Im not asking him to be great, but just to be make key contributions. I think randolph is still developing and adjusting his raw skills being only 21 yrs. old because you can see that he makes questiobale plays in the game. The bobcats, Toronto and detroit most defenitly i think are in the bottom of the Ec conference. Det. internal and chemistry problems unfortuantely is hinndering and affecting their play.

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