First of all, D'Antoni has done a good job so far. We lost two close games, and looked great in all our victories. D'Antoni has a roster with 5 new players in Fields, Turiaf, Randolph, Felton, Mozgov. and Kelenna, Rautins, Mason who haven't really been part of the rotation. Its impressive me to get these guys gelling early.

Lets assess this 9 man rotation and present a theory on why they will be a threat.

Passing - B
Pick and Roll - B+
Speed and Agility - B+
Defense B
Scoring - B-
Quite possilby

He's not Chris Paul or D-Will, but he goes in. Excellent all around PG.


Athelicism - B+
Inside/Outside Ability - B
Defense - B
Jumpshot - B

Only knock on Fields is his lateral quickness. But to assess, he's another overall offense/defense guy and meshes well with Ray Ray.

Shooting A
Defense C
Rebounding D
IQ/Awareness - B+
Inside Game - F

Gallo to me is just Peja with more defense and potential. He is what he is.

Inside scoring A+
Pick and Roll C
Defense - B-
Rebounding - B
Value - A+

He's our franchise player...needs to work on his pick and roll play with Felton


Energy, Defense, Shotblocking, Rebounding, Intangibles


I don't know.


You guys know I been a hater, but he's been our best all around player, I can't front. I feel like if he keeps playing like this we should use him as trade bait to get a superstar.

Walker, love him.

Douglas, I'm in love. seriously. Offensively, Defensively; he's been Jon Starks like.

Randolph could be our best overall player once he starts getting minutes.

This team is DEEP, strong and work well together. Everyone on this team can do something defensive and offensively.

We're no longer one dimensional.

Celebration bitches!