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    Default Should Douglas be starting over Felton

    What do you guys think about this. Douglas is on my fantasy team and has been a hell of a producer, and hes doing all this with about 10mins less than Felton.

    His spark off the bench is invaluable, but I really feel that week could have a star on our bench and not even know about it. I want to see what he can do playing as a full time starter to see if his stats are just an anamoly or if this kid is really legit. My fear is that when Azubukie heals, his minutes will decrease and be the end of his run. If we can prove he can do this as a starter, how does Denver not take Chandler and Douglas, or Chandler and Felton along with maybe Curry to even the salaries

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    Na Douglas is a scorer not distributor....he's good in his position

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    Felton is a better distributor and that's key in D'Antoni's offense.

    Douglas is a good scorer and he can make things happen but if you thought the P&R with Felton-Amar'e was bad, then just imagine it with Douglas instead.

    Douglas I think is best as said abov - a high octane sixth man who can come off the bench and give you 15-20 points a night

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