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    Default Bleacher Report: Knicks + Amar'e's O - 5 Ways To Improve

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    Pretty straight to the point throughout the 5 topics. Number 4 has a few brutal truths.
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    1. Amar'e Needs to Trust His Teammates
    Shooting Has to Improve/Be More Consistent
    Amar'e Needs to Get the Ball Closer to the Basket
    4. Amar'e Needs to Attack the Basket More
    The Pick-and-Roll Should Be a Staple of the Offense

    I agree completely, and we all mention all of these at one time. The most important is number 5, this should be the biggest offensive weapon but the team is having problems perfecting the pick n' roll and using it.

    I'm not so sure of number 4 because he tries to attack and ends up sometimes either forcing a shot or turning it over. Maybe needs to cut to the basket more for open shots.

    Getting closer to the basket is the reason of getting Amare, it will draw the defense and open shots for the rest of the team. Amare is not bad mostly because he is working hard, but this is something to look at.

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    Working well enough together in the P&R is going to take some time. Amar'e has a new PG to get him the ball for the first time in eight years.

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