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    Game Thread After Lee's Tribute, Amare will sh*t on him....Warriors Knicks Game Thread

    Golden State Warriors(5-2) vs New York Knicks (3-4)
    Tonight at 7:30pm ET

    Welcome to the Official MSG....I mean KingStarbury3 Game Thread

    We're in for a tough one tonight folks
    The Warriors have been no joke
    The **** needs to work on his stroke
    All Chandlers wants to do is light up and toke (Cant say i blame him)

    Over the last couple of games our team has been meltin
    So please save us Amare and Raymond Felton
    We need Douglas and Fields to be helpin
    When it comes to Mosgov, someone needs to help him (work with him)

    Enough with the poetry
    Im KingStarbury3 but yall already know its me

    arite, im gonna stop now

    Steph Curry has been a beast and in my opinion the Warriors have been one of the top 3 most entertaining teams to watch to start this season.

    Monta Ellis is listed as day to day. I dont think hes gonna play tonight, which gives us a chance to win this game. Hes averaging just under 28 points per game to lead the NBA and hes been very efficient in doing so.

    The Warriors have some solid role players that have helped them get off to the fast start

    David Lee is averaging over 12 points and 11 rebounds a game while playing his terry cloth defense, that means very soft

    Dorell Wright....hes really stepped up his game this year and proven that he can do some of everything

    Small forward Reggie Williams has been inconsistent to start the season, but hes some good games and the Knicks need to look to keep him under their radar.

    Andris Be-a-b*tch has been a solid center for the Warriors so far this season

    Now its time for me to break down our Knicks

    Raymond Felton had too many turnovers against the Bucks but hes played with alotta heart and has shown leadership. Honestly, after having Duhon for 2 years Felton can do no wrong in my eyes. Hes passing the ball well. He'll get even better as we play more games.

    Felton will have his hands full tonight matched up against Stephen Curry

    I'm impressed with the potential of Landry Fields, however....I'm not that impressed with him as of right now. I think hes still got alotta things he can work on, like most players on our team. He shouldnt be starting for us and I cant wait til Azubuike comes back

    Some Knicks fans consider Gallo to be a D Leaguer while other Knicks fans...excuse me, Gallo fans...see him as an all star. I dont see him as either, I think hes a role player. Gallinari is off to a slow start this year, perhaps because of trade rumors. I feel like with his shooting, he can really impact how good or bad we are. Hes gotta be consistent.

    Well its safe to say that hes gonna need some time to learn how to play without Steve Nash. In the early goings, Stoudamire has been turnover prone and somewhat inconsistent but as time goes on he'll become more efficient. He should have no problem being efficient tonight against David Lee, who we all know doesnt play any defense.

    If anyone on this team is gonna be referred to as a D leaguer, this is the guy. I like his potential, hes shown he can run the floor very well and block shots but hes got a long ways to go.

    Our bench:

    Toney Douglas has been inconsistent but I do believe that he'll get things together soon. Hes an extremely hard worker on defense and he can knock down the three.

    Anthony Randolph did a nice job on the boards against the Bucks. His offense was shaky, but if theres anything good to take from that game, its Randolphs rebounding. Perhaps he could get a little bit stronger and play center for us someday

    Ronny homo but I have a man crush on him

    Wilson Chandler has been off the past few games but I expect him to play good tonight.

    In conclusion, I expect this to be a high scoring game but do not underestimate the Warriors defense, they have improved from last year surprisingly. Any time you add David Lee to a team you expect the opposite to happen. It must be because the other players are stepping up. If we're not knocking down shots tonight, Stephen Curry and the Warriors will blow us out no homo.

    Before the game Ill be puffin on some listening to the song of the day

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