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max contract for a player who can't make the fundamental hit some free throws to help bring the team closer back.

funny how not only they give max to Carsares when he hasn't proven anything for the Knicks, but to name him as a co-captain when it's starting to sound like a broken record him saying the team didn't bring the effort again. no fire.

Cut STAT some slack. He's embraced the role of leader, and is trying his darndest to live up to expectations. He was 14-14 from the free throw line, and scored 33 points on 15 shots. He's the reason we were even close.

Sure, he clanked both free throws off the front rim, but when he swished that 3-pointer he more than made up for choking. Give him that.

It's his first 8 games, and he's trying WAY TOO HARD. I don't mind that. The effort and will is there. BBALL is all about rhythm and being in a groove, that only comes with time. He has almost no help. Knicks do not have one guard on the team that makes life easier for anyone else.

The coach deserves all the blame. STAT should've had 60 points. He should have been given the ball every possession. To sit there while TD chucks up (and misses) SEVEN 3-pointers? Insane.