I myself have defended the man endlessly, but It is time for me to come out of the closet ( no hom0 ). I can no longer defend the man for argument sake.
He may be a good coach, with great players, but he is not the right man for the knicks. He cannot coach youth, cannot adapt, and cannot preach patience to inexperienced players, instead he pushes them to push themselves faster than their basketball IQ's can process.

He is kind of like that math teacher in high school, who graduated from columbia university, and is in charge of a remedial program, now every one has the raw capabilities of passing their regents exams, but when the teacher is writing notes faster than they can copy them down, and then yelling at them for not getting the answers right on the test, instead of slowing things down and teaching these young guys fundamentals, and implementing them in the game step by step.

you can see the great coaches like phil , pop, stan vangundy, and even doc rivers stoppppp things and start preaching basics on the corner.

when you listen in on mic'd up Mike D coaching on the sideline, hes cracking jokes, and talking to his players on a should know basis, not a how to do basis.

It has to stop

this man needs to stop orchestrating things like an offensive coordinator,

and start Fing COACHING.

your thoughts.