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    Default Which rookies are you enjoying?

    Ok folks, I am just wondering which rookies you are enjoying watching so far this season?

    My favourite type of players are big men power forwards and centres. Particularly scoring big men.

    So, I am loving watching Blake Griffin for the Clippers and DeMarcus Cousins for the Kings. I love watching Griffin doing his backing up his defender then spinning and shooting his fade away, it`s majestic to watch.

    DeMarcus Cousins was really impressive against the Phoenix Suns. I think that Griffin and Cousins will certainly be perennial all-stars in the future.

    And of course I love watching Landry Fields play. He wil develop into a top player for the Knicks.

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    I enjoy watching Wall. He's an exciting player who doesn't have any problems off the field. The guy seems to have fun on the court.
    I love watching Fields. The guy's IQ is through the roof.

    Yeah here come the rooster, yeah You know he ain't gonna die

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