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No more of this running down the floor trying to chuck up shots and score as quickly as a possible.

I am sick of these clowns thinking they can win this way.

I want DEFENSE first. I want guys hustling for defensive and offensive boards. I want PHYSICAL, smash mouth basketball. Guys who play with attitude and actually intimidate the other team.

I want a coach who actually calls plays and has a clue on how to make his team get set on the defensive end.

This Knicks team is nothing more than a continuation of the Marbury/Crawford/Nate Robinson clown basketball/Rucker Park crap i've grown accustomed too.

Bring back 90's baskbetall.
bro MIke D's teams have never been better than 20th on defense, you suddenly think we will be good?

No way....as long as MIke D is here we will never be good on defense