I demand, as a loyal fan, to see D'Antoni's play book.

I'm sick of hearing about his offensive Wizardry. The monotony of this team's rancid offensive sets is disgusting.

Play after play of repetitive, predictable, non-creative, lane clogging, space vacuuming ****!

○On more than a dozen consecutive offensive sets, Amar'e and Chandler, Gallinari or Fields stand stagnant at the opposite elbows of the key, STAT on the left, one of 3 players on the right.

What the **** is that play called? Because it RARELY results in movement, spacing, cutting or running off screens. There were 2 instances when it was successful tonight, but the play relies on STAT being the playmaker! WTMFF!?

○Re Amar'e:

Is the fact that he was 2009/2010's most prolific paint scorer not getting through to D'Antoni? Has he been misinformed? Is he defiant to play STAT as Gentry did? How hard can it honestly be to play a post offense based around an interior threat? Who, of NY's players wouldn't benefit from that?

A 3 man game between, for example, Fields Gallo and STAT would surely have success. Fields passing/cutting, Gallo triple threating and STAT posting!? No? Maybe? What?


STAT is NEVER posted up in the low block.

Never run off a mismatch.

Never hit with the ball in transition with good positioning in the paint.

Never passed to on the P&R.

Never found on a penetrate and dish.

Am I the only person who's seen this?

How f'ing difficult is it to get creative with your offense when:
-You have an interior beast?
-A legitimate threat under the basket?
-An athletic phenomenon?

Is this silver 'stached penis so married to his offensive poop that he can't adjust?

Somebody ****ing shoot me.