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You know, I bet you've never even played basketball. Have you? You're too small and too arrogant to be shown up. No doubt you lack the coordination to play a little man's role, so you played baseball or something the likes of that.

Am I right?

You've never had any credibility. You're just not clever enough. Small man, small brain, smaller chance.
Arrogant? Nah. Thats what a hater would say. Confident? Yes.

Little man? You can't even preform 30 proper push ups. You anatomy is weak and your physiology is inferior.

You play zero sports...you look like you blast Justin Bieber cd's and shake your frail weak blonde booty. Probably the least athletic guy in this forum. Prove me wrong, slut.

btw, you're talking to someone who's training for a professional boxer career with a credible high school wrestling career and played D2 baseball in college. Soccer is my hobby on the side. You're clown

Keep hating.