Sadly, the 2010-2011 season has come to an end.

The Knicks have lost to several injury depleted teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Houston Rockets.

This team is not going to the playoffs.

I knew they weren't going to make it before the season even started, and their inability to beat lottery teams has confirmed this.

Boomer Esiason said it the best. On his show, he said the Knicks weren't going to make the playoffs, because they have two rookies in their starting lineup.

Here's 10 changes the Knicks must make, if they're going to make the 2012 playoffs.

1. Do right by Patrick Ewing.

The Knicks have been cursed, ever since they did Ewing dirty and traded him for Glenn Rice and Shandon Anderson.
The Knicks had 3 chances to hire Ewing as a head coach or as an assistant, and they refused to hire him.
Patrick Ewing jr was denied a spot on the team for the sake of scrubs like Anthony Roberson, Mardy Collins, Roger Mason Jr., Andy Rautins, and Shawne Williams.

2. Fire Mike D'Antoni.

This is his 3rd year with the Knicks, and the team still hasn't matched Isiah Thomas' 33 win season that he had with Eddy Curry as the star of the team. That's a disgrace.

3. Fire Donnie Walsh
He promised the team was going to improve by 2010, but the team still sucks. He traded 2 first round picks for Tracy McGrady. Enuff said.

4. Establish Amare Stoudemire down low.
Stoudemire is a solid post up player. The Knicks need to feed him the ball in the low post, so that the defense is forced to double team him and players get open looks.

5. Play a half court offense.
Raymond Felton is a half court player. He does his best, when playing under a slow paced system.

6. Bench Danilo Gallinari. He sucks.

7. Hold on to your draft picks.
It's bad enough that the Knicks don't have a good draft pick until 2013. Don't F up the situation more by trading away more picks.

8. Keep the good players; dump the bad players.
The #1 reason why this team still sucks is because Walsh butchered the team. He got rid of the team's best scorers, so the team had to work from scratch. Hold on to Amare Stoudemire(All Star level player), Landry Fields(Good rookie), Raymond Felton(Good half court player), Wilson Chandler(Good role player), Timofey Mozgov(Good back up center). Get rid of the low performing players(anyone not mentioned).

9. Use your cap space wisely. Don't just hand someone a 100 million dollar contract, unless it's Carmelo Anthony.
It's better to sign 3 or 4 good low post players/shooters than to sign one big name.

10. Don't try to buy a championship. Make realistic goals for the team. The Knicks haven't been to the playoffs since 2004, so the goal should be to get to the playoffs FIRST, THEN win a championship AFTER the team has ESTABLISHED itself as a WINNING team.