5 star thread from ABCD

The only thing i sorta disagree with is bringin Ewing in a coach...Like iJoe said Ewing hasnt really done that much with Dwight. But then again, Hakeem also worked with Dwight and has D12 been doing anything different this year? From what I have seen in the boxscores, it doesnt appear so. Maybe Dwight just doesnt have it in him to become a more skilled offensive player. And Ewing did play while being coached by legends like Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy. I believe he also played for Doc Rivers at the end of his career

Im a little bit unsure about Walsh but he looks too sick and flabby to be working at this point of his life. Im just worried bout his health....he did gamble too much away waiting for Lebrons decision. I have always liked Walsh but i cant front on that. I do believe that Dantoni influenced some of Walsh's decisions, think for yourself Donnie!! your better then this!!

Its sad that we're all looking to 2012 for the playoffs now...its sad that were in this position again. I personally think the biggest problems have been heart, urgency, and coaching. If Antoni or another coach (preferably) could get these guys to play harder...actually, i think its ronny turiaf we really miss. That guy doesnt have a drop of b*tch in him. I heard he actually doesnt have a X chromosome