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  • It's way too early to fire D'Antoni. Give him time.

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    Originally Posted by p0nder
    A lot of good points from abcd. I know he hates how the team is currently run and would like a return to the hard nosed thugged out basketball we played in the 90's that saw our team go to two NBA finals appearances. That was a fun time for knicks fans, though we still didn't get to the promised land...

    1. P. Ewing is one of the greatest Knicks ever. Not having him on our Payroll is a shame, but it will never undo the past. It has so very little to do with our current and future success that I'm really unsure why you wanted to open the list with this. It is really telling of your priorities.

    2. If Mike D can not find the playoffs this season I think he needs to be fired. It's do or die Mike. If he does get this team to the playoffs, we would be hard pressed to get rid of him.

    3. Donnie Walsh is a good GM with a firm understanding of the business of basketball. However, I don't see him continuing here for much longer, depending on his health. He has made some mistakes but I am more concerned that his replacement will be Issiah. For now, lets take the lesser of two evils.

    4. Amar'e needs to be more established on the pick'n'roll and in the high post where he thrives. His low post/short corner game leaves a lot to be desired. If he can improve there, then that's awesome. But the offseason is the time to work on that and during the season he should be working on what he is already great at: Finishing off pick n rolls and catching the ball in the lane.

    5. I think that we need to work on the Half Court Offense a lot more. Not because Felton is better there (he isn't), But because teams are finding ways to slow our fast breaks and bring the pace of the game down. We need to be prepared for this with more half court, high post pick'n'rolls for Amar'e.

    6. Gallo needs a wake up call. I don't think benching him is the answer here, but certainly he needs to snap out of the funk. Either so we can trade him for value or utilize him as a deep shot threat.

    7. Absolutly agreed!!! I don't remember the last time there was a draft to be excited for. Right now I think we have flexibility and players to trade and there is no need to give away any first rounders.

    8. There is some dead weight on this team. I am hoping that before the trade deadline we trim the fat and bring in some quality players. I agree with the players you mentioned to keep. Tho if Denver calls me up with a carmelo for chandler, gallo, curry and feilds i'd pull the trigger.

    9. We have flexibility in our cap now. we should try to maintain that flexibility until we can secure a winning, playoff/championship contending team. don't sell the farm for blind hope.

    10. Agreed. The goal has to be playoffs first. Then we can get a good sense of what players we have that will do something worthwhile in that type of basketball game. from there we can identify weaknesses and address them. Gotta learn to walk before you can run.

    This team needs more work then I thought as of the end of summer league. I still hope for the playoffs, but hope is a different term then expect.
    i agree with you but sometimes off the pick-and-roll they dont get him the ball just overlooking him, even though he has the lane to the basket where he more then likely will finish or get fouled yet they look for the 3 pointer. Nash was giving him the ball off the p-and-r but these guys arent not cause of skill just not looking for him off of it that HAS to change

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    ABCD you need to relax man. Were 1.5 games out of the playoff picture and your talking about the season being lost. Seriously dude.. Relax. I mean we could speculate and say things such as your post on what might happen the rest of this year, but I would like to see it play out as I don't have powers to see into the future.

    Maybe the writing is on the wall, but lets see how this team responds to what Amare said and see if we can't make that 8th spot. When were 10 games out of 8th with 20 games left then we can say the season is a lose. Maybe even 30, but dude there are 71 more games to play.

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    ABCD, you my dude...but its too early to fire D'Antoni. Give the Season 20 games. D'Antoni inherited a rebuilding roster last year. This year he's trying to coach this team into the playoffs, give it time. what? next week we can go 7-3, and be .500.

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    Originally Posted by abcd
    Sadly, the 2010-2011 season has come to an end.

    The Knicks have lost to several injury depleted teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Houston Rockets.

    This team is not going to the playoffs.

    I knew they weren't going to make it before the season even started, and their inability to beat lottery teams has confirmed this.

    Boomer Esiason said it the best. On his show, he said the Knicks weren't going to make the playoffs, because they have two rookies in their starting lineup.

    Here's 10 changes the Knicks must make, if they're going to make the 2012 playoffs.

    1. Do right by Patrick Ewing.

    The Knicks have been cursed, ever since they did Ewing dirty and traded him for Glenn Rice and Shandon Anderson.
    The Knicks had 3 chances to hire Ewing as a head coach or as an assistant, and they refused to hire him.
    Patrick Ewing jr was denied a spot on the team for the sake of scrubs like Anthony Roberson, Mardy Collins, Roger Mason Jr., Andy Rautins, and Shawne Williams.

    2. Fire Mike D'Antoni.

    This is his 3rd year with the Knicks, and the team still hasn't matched Isiah Thomas' 33 win season that he had with Eddy Curry as the star of the team. That's a disgrace.

    3. Fire Donnie Walsh
    He promised the team was going to improve by 2010, but the team still sucks. He traded 2 first round picks for Tracy McGrady. Enuff said.

    4. Establish Amare Stoudemire down low.
    Stoudemire is a solid post up player. The Knicks need to feed him the ball in the low post, so that the defense is forced to double team him and players get open looks.

    5. Play a half court offense.
    Raymond Felton is a half court player. He does his best, when playing under a slow paced system.

    6. Bench Danilo Gallinari. He sucks.

    7. Hold on to your draft picks.
    It's bad enough that the Knicks don't have a good draft pick until 2013. Don't F up the situation more by trading away more picks.

    8. Keep the good players; dump the bad players.
    The #1 reason why this team still sucks is because Walsh butchered the team. He got rid of the team's best scorers, so the team had to work from scratch. Hold on to Amare Stoudemire(All Star level player), Landry Fields(Good rookie), Raymond Felton(Good half court player), Wilson Chandler(Good role player), Timofey Mozgov(Good back up center). Get rid of the low performing players(anyone not mentioned).

    9. Use your cap space wisely. Don't just hand someone a 100 million dollar contract, unless it's Carmelo Anthony.
    It's better to sign 3 or 4 good low post players/shooters than to sign one big name.

    10. Don't try to buy a championship. Make realistic goals for the team. The Knicks haven't been to the playoffs since 2004, so the goal should be to get to the playoffs FIRST, THEN win a championship AFTER the team has ESTABLISHED itself as a WINNING team.

    Really yo? the season is over? u worst than my girl...damn, she is so dramatic. You should be on TNT yo.

    Injury depleated teams?
    One scorer off of your team doesnt make them 'injury depleated'. If tyhats the case, we are injury depleated as well with starting SG Klenna Azubuike injured. We also started the season without Anthony Randolph who is still nursing a sore ankle.

    smh, this post is wrong on so many levels, i give up

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    Regarding the last two posts I'm sorta on the fence.between siding with this thread and what you 2 said. Honestly, if what happened the last week and a half is a glimpse of whats coming ( I don't see it changing soon) then were screwed. By the end of this road trip they could be 3-11 and once the loosing starts setting in it's going to be over even before we get 20 games in because they are going to give up on thereselves

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