Hey, he's only been coaching Knicks for 175 games, give 'Antoni a break!
we came close to beating a tough team in their south park arena (i loved hearing Cartman cheering on assnuggets), but the 3 game once again killed us. A valiant effort nevertheless, 2nd half Knicks were driving more, shooting less 3's, Feels making plays, defense coming thru.

I can only see Knicks getting better as 'Antoni expands roster (good to see Walker popping a couple 3's), gets team to take better shots, and keep opponents under 120 points.

Give the coach 200 games to get some wins, eventually we will get the Big 3 'Antman needs to win, or at least one of the league's top PG's to run the SSOL. I see the Knicks winning more, losing less, scoring more, defending more, hitting 3's, missing 3's, run run run shoot shoot shoot mustache mustache mustache.