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    We are one step away from being a contender in the playoffs. We almost beat a very good Denver team full of all star caliber players. Our Centers put up a combined 0 points and 4 rebounds. That ladies and gents is the problem...

    PG-Felton and TD: Are they CP3? No. Ray Felton is a good point guard, it will be determined over the year if he can really lead this team because we all know a Dantoni PG is the most important piece. TD is a nice scoring PG, plays good D, a solid backup.

    SG: Landry Fields: Looked good tonight, plays smart, great teammate to have. We will see how long he can sustain this. Hopefully we got a steal with this kid, oh yea great D too.

    SF: Gallo and Wilson Chandler: Ny homegrown. Nice players to have on a team, not all-stars but their roles should be complimentary players, I dont think we will see gallo turn into melo. But I love both of them and couldnt be happier at SF with them.

    PF: Amare and AR: Amare is a beast, hopefully AR can develop but solid depth.

    C: ???? Tomofey who? and ROnny the cheerleader who spends more time jumping on the bench than making plays on the court turiaf?

    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN WE NEED A CENTER. NOT CARMELO ANTHONY. WE NEED A GOOD LOW POST PRESENCE, everyone knows Amare is just a Offensive minded PF, if we find someone to man the paint down low and a very good player too. MAX money should be spent on a C, idk how we will get one.

    Comparing us 2 Phoenix obviously Felton is a downgrade from Nash, but Felton can hold his own in the league and is respected. Would you rather have Landry Fields, Gallo, WC or raja bell, diaw, grant hill? The knicks have much better supporting talent.

    Amare and a better backup on the Knicks in AR. No way can AR play center hes too frail.

    And CENTER! I am not sure who is a FA and obviously if we trade we would probably have to give up our assets, but the bottom line is we are loaded, a great center would make this team really good. for the hell of it, lets says Brook Lopez who I think is so talented is a FA next year.


    6th man=WC

    All have solid backups too!

    ANyone else agree? No melo. We need a center. A good one.

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    You best be trolling fool. Did you not see our previous loses?

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    Felton sucks for the system D'antoni runs. Simple as that.

    Knicks need wing players who can score at will... Melo is the answer to our prayers.

    Sign Melo. Add another gritty interior BIG. Mozgov and Randolph improve. Get a real PG (K-Irving in the draft), watch Fields and Walker and Douglas improve.

    This is really the only hope.

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    I don't think it necessarily has to be a Center. I think we just need more options on offense to open up Amar'es game.

    Felton is not a real scoring threat, neither is TD (tho he'll get his 15-20).

    Fields is a good role player with solid D and a good nose for getting the ball. He is a smart player but he is still a rookie developing his scoring.

    Gallo and Wilson are supposed to be the other options on offense. They have been failing us since the win over chicago. They either need to step up or step out of the organization.

    Amar'e is our scoring option but is getting shut down with triple teams and because his iso play needs work. Open up his game by making the other team respect our shooters and slashers and you will see his numbers improve vastly.

    Turiaf is a serviceable Center, but is too often injured and Mozgov is a project. Center is certainly a hole we need to fill, but that is a hole most teams in the NBA are looking to fill as well. I hope that Moz can develop for us as it seems homegrown centers are the way to go. (ala. Ewing)

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