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You think it's that simple? Every team in the league would benefit from hitting open shots. We still have to run smarter plays and rebound the ball better. Shot blocking is better but overall team defense isn't all that great.

The pick and roll is important due to the type of player we have in STAT.

Your right, offense is a problem but not just because the FG% is low. Shot selection is often horrible and takes us out of games or prevents us from consistently getting back in games.

It is that simple. i never disagreed with running smarter plays, or rebounding. I think we do need better rebounding.

Team defense isnt all that great? My dude, we are first in the NBA in team blocks per game at almost 8. Blocking is 'better'?? We made a total 180 in the blocking category. We are 10th in steals as a team. So until you bring some stats to back up our 'sub-par' defense, your comment holds no water.

Just as you say amare is a PNR player, our system is designed to hit open three's. I see the importance of the one player in amare getting what he likes, but we have an entire team of shooters, that can make defenses pay for sweatin STAT so tough. I think the team shots are more important than amare's numbers and how he scores.