Can you just imagine anyone going out of their way to meet someone from the internet, to fight? like toons is gonna send like $1000 on a plane ticket, $200 on a hotel for a night, spending money, cab money to get to your area and then challenge nyk to a fight or something?

Can anyone imagine anyone doing something so ****ing retarded as that? that is about the stupidest **** i've ever heard. but if it happened i'd want video proof.


While I agree that we are not a great defensive team, that's not what D'antoni has been trying to sell us. he wants defense, but clearly he is an offensive minded coach and despite his talks about defense this team needs to be on the same page offensively for us to succeed. We are practicing offense and working on that right now.

We are improved defensively because we have better players that are willing to play good defense for us. Defense is more of a hustle and fight area for basketball anyways. Most teams do rely on defensive grit and determination rather then specific defensive sets. There are only so many things you can do with a defense, different zone combinations or man to man. You could break down kobe's game tape all day, but in the end it's the effort and energy guys that will shut him down not a specific defensive set or "brilliant coaching".