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Your right I probably will never see your gay ass. However, if you EVER feel the need to visit NY, I DARE you to talk tough where I can see you. U WILL GET STOMPED THE **** OUT and I put everything on that. See the problem is some dudes get real comfortabe and safe talking **** on here knowing they can't be directly located.

I apologize to all the real peeps on KOL for this nonsense but some people really need their face smashed in. This will be my last post regarding that bitch as TOONS. Like I said man, if your ever in NY I DARE YOU to act tough anywhere I can see you. I'll even video that **** for everyone on here as proof.

@knickzrulezH20: The same goes for you too man. Don't talk if you gonna hide behind your PC.

Bro please stop your scaring me. I wish I could be tough and cool like you.