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Well it depends on a lot of things, namely what kind of fouls they were. Gallo shoots 37% but most of the time those shots were outside. Last night he made moves in traffic and forced teams to foul or give up the layup. It's a different game and Gallo looked like a totally different player...
Gallo also isn't a 37% shooter. A dozen games one season where he is obviously in a shooting funk (like much of the team), doesnt reflect his actual ability that teams must gameplan for. Not that it was smart for them to treat him like Prime Paul Pierce, since he's shot poor so far this year, but he is still a feared shooter capable of taking over games with his shot alone.

His game also causes major problems for any team when he can blend in his slashing prowess, like u said. His moves in traffic are creative and wily and can be surprisingly fluid.

Imagine when his shot even reverts halfway back to normal and he can drop that, all while teams have to fear games like last nite just as much as him catch n shooting 20pts in a Q.