Late in last nights game they had Gallo inbounding trying to get it to felton or douglas. He made a bad pass to felton which resulted in a turn over at a critical time in the game.

The play was similar to the one we saw the night before against denver, where the pg and sg ran to the corner and cut back to the ball. Not overly effective in two games at important times.

This inbounding problem has been a repeated issue with our team. What are the struggles here? Should someone else be passing in the ball? Is it just poor planning or is it execution? these close games are going to rely on these inbound plays, it's an important issue to address.

I assume they have Gallo inbounding because the play is designed to get back to him for an open shot and because he is tall. One would assume this gives our team an advantage on inbound plays over most teams as most 3pt shooters are not as tall as gallo. He can pass it over the heads of defenders easier and get open for the shot quickly.

The problem to me seems they have focused too much on what to do once the ball is in play and not enough on the movement done before the ball gets passed in. Better screens by the big men on the floor and better running by felton and douglas is essential, but Gallo shouldn't make that pass unless his man is open. Otherwise he has to be smart enough to call the time out, I'm sure we had some time outs left at the end of last nights game, not sure about the denver game.

My point is: pretty much anything is better then a turnover off an inbound play. Even if it's a crappy shot or an ineffective usage of clock time, at least the other team isn't given a chance to score.