I dont know if Detroit can do it again.It really depends on what NJ does with K-Mart,because if Kidd is healthy-game 7-I still like NJ.Its going to be alot harder for Det. now that they're champs.Every team in the NBA is gonna try them all season ,so we'll see if they can get back to the eastern conference finals.Personally I think Stephon is quicker, just as strong as Billups, and a better shooter and wins that matchup.Billups was the reason Det. won so I believe NY would give the Piston's a good fight - if everyone is healthy(H20).I didnt forget about Rip either-he's tough but Allen can shoot with anyone in the league so if Rip has 20 Allen better have 25-30 if NY is to beat Det. in next yrs. playoffs.