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    Nyk Logo please tell me where is the pick and roll

    i think our problem on offense is that if we are not hitting our 3pters we are way to predictable

    the pick and roll has been around since the begining of the game and still remains the hardest play to defend.

    in phoenix O'antoni used it with nash.. or better yet nash used it on his own..

    can somebody give me an honest reason why our coach does use it.

    we cant balme felton cuz he used it with the bobcats under larry brown and was successful

    not only are we not using it.. we are not doing a good job of defending it as well

    i was watchin last night game when even the clippers announcers were stunned as well at half time... they assume O'antoni would use it more in the secound half.. but no dice... this is very concerning

    even if we had a player like a tyson chandler or marc gasol... these players are not good offensively without the p & r..

    what is this guy doing?????

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    I'm not entirely sure myself.

    But they're winning without it, so I'm good.

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    Amare doesn't set a very good pick, wonder how Nash and him were so successful with it. I agree the PnR gets you some of those easy points that Amare has been talking about but the Knicks have been scoring a ton of points without it.

    Let's see if it lasts but the ball movement has gotten them more open looks and I assume the shooting % has improved because of it. I still think D is where you need to hang your hat, NO has that great record because of their D not their O.

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    our offense is focused more around the post now were not running it as much the system looks different- theres a thread of it real interesting

    DaTPRiNCE...That EGYPTiAN Fella, #MeloMafia

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    We are running a new offense it highlights great ball movement starting at the top of the key. We see alot of hand offs from Turiaf and alot more cutting between Gallo and fields. Also Amare is passing straight out the double earlier and taking his man when he gets a chance. ANd i can't forget Felton who is having a Allstar year last night he went 17pts 7ast 7stl that's NUMBERS.
    Knicks 2012

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    Amare's 23-8 movement on the court is starting to remind me of
    Harrington's 20-6 movement on the court.

    I dont recall any pick n rolls by Duhon & Harrington, I do recall alot
    of pick n rolls off of broken plays by Duhon n Lee.
    I dont recall many pick n rolls by Felton & Okafor, or Felton & Chandler,
    or Felton & Nazr (Marbury & Nazr gave us alot of pick n rolls).

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