i think our problem on offense is that if we are not hitting our 3pters we are way to predictable

the pick and roll has been around since the begining of the game and still remains the hardest play to defend.

in phoenix O'antoni used it with nash.. or better yet nash used it on his own..

can somebody give me an honest reason why our coach does use it.

we cant balme felton cuz he used it with the bobcats under larry brown and was successful

not only are we not using it.. we are not doing a good job of defending it as well

i was watchin last night game when even the clippers announcers were stunned as well at half time... they assume O'antoni would use it more in the secound half.. but no dice... this is very concerning

even if we had a player like a tyson chandler or marc gasol... these players are not good offensively without the p & r..

what is this guy doing?????