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Thread: Keep Positive!!

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    Default Keep Positive!!

    I have been trying to stay positive amid the **** storms that take place on the board sometimes. Things we can look at in a positive light.

    1. D' Ant changing his tactics to get the best out of the team. I read a thread with a quote about us running the triangle and I personally felt we had to do something in order to start winning. Now we have just won two games on the road and were building momentum.

    2. Gallo is coming out of his slump. Putting up some numbers and seeming to really gel with the new components we have brought in. Maybe part of this is D'ant installing a better system or Gallo just getting on with teammates.

    3. Having a true leader. We were in dire need of a kick in the ass when we went on that losing streak and in years past nobody would have taken the role with such pride and conviction as Amare. It also doesn't hurt that the man is a proven All-Star so who wouldn't listen to someone like that.

    4. I guess this is the last thing... Chemistry between players and players finding their roles within the squad. We saw Felton blow up for some big numbers in GS and I saw a little cohesion on the pick and roll with Amare from highlights (speaking from a few plays so Iono). I think the fact we have a leader and better team players who actually play defense and are here to win doesn't hurt our cause.

    Maybe some of these are lame to many, but to me they speak volumes about how much the team as a whole (coaching staff and players) have been improving of late. I know we just won three games on the road, but it seems that the team is starting to finally find that identity. We have been putting up big numbers and I hope that this puts the trading of any of our players for Melo is put to rest. If we can keep this out of players minds until F.A time then it will allow the team to concentrate on playing ball and the rest of us fans to keep positive about a good season in the making.

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    I think Mike realizes his offense isn't going to fly without Nash, so thats a good thing. Work to your strengths, Mike...Amar'e , Gallo, Chandler and Felton are your guys for the most part...They need to set up some plays for the Gov as well. The way I see our team, offensively we are too predictable. Mix it up and more movement from the wings

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