Feltip and STUD: i'm your captain, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
what a game.

when STUD is blocking 6 shots, you just can't miss DLEE anymore, who never came CLOSE to being such a defensive presence, and that's what wins ball games. that, impact points, and his overall positive 'tude.

Feltip coming into his own, making this team all it can be. 'Antoni must be creaming in his jeans, wondering what he saw in Duhound in the first place. this is what a point guard is supposed to be... 13 assists! that steal clinched the game. so many teardrops! everyone loves raymondo!

too bad Gallo missed his first foul shot, but he made it all OK by knocking down those last 2 clutch FTs.

Weedson in the 3Q was awesome!
Timmy Moscow a tad quiet and lost, but 3 huge blocks!
Tony Chill and Skywalker with a couple killer 3's each!

Keys: 11 blocks!! 22 assists vs 15 TOs...

ps: i love Laundry Feels (no 'omo).