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    Default penetrating and devastating

    Feltip and STUD: i'm your captain, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
    what a game.

    when STUD is blocking 6 shots, you just can't miss DLEE anymore, who never came CLOSE to being such a defensive presence, and that's what wins ball games. that, impact points, and his overall positive 'tude.

    Feltip coming into his own, making this team all it can be. 'Antoni must be creaming in his jeans, wondering what he saw in Duhound in the first place. this is what a point guard is supposed to be... 13 assists! that steal clinched the game. so many teardrops! everyone loves raymondo!

    too bad Gallo missed his first foul shot, but he made it all OK by knocking down those last 2 clutch FTs.

    Weedson in the 3Q was awesome!
    Timmy Moscow a tad quiet and lost, but 3 huge blocks!
    Tony Chill and Skywalker with a couple killer 3's each!

    Keys: 11 blocks!! 22 assists vs 15 TOs...

    ps: i love Laundry Feels (no 'omo).

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    This wine makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    This team is a team.
    They play all together, they help each other, they are a group.
    This is a real value, sometimes more than the pick and roll or the coach system.

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    Loving the winning streak!!! GO KNICKS!

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    Default Team Play

    We have a "team" now. We have enough good players so that when one or two have off nights, there are others to pick it up. Gallo was weak last night, but Chandler was huge. Douglas, Walker and even Mozgov contributed. Fields and Turiaf are always solid, though this was not Fields' best game. The Bobcats are a very athletic team. Wallace, Thomas, Jackson and Augustin can play. They are better than their current record. These last two games were good wins.

    Felton was superb and so was Amar'e. His blocks were majestic. He is such a great athlete that I expect we will see more of them in the future.

    Let's keep it up!

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    Iím glad that 3ball is cut down; but they still do it when itís not necessary...I guess old habits are hard to die. Itís also good to see they wised up and started penetrating more. I still think the system can be improved by getting the ball to Stat and Will around the paint more, their spacing shouldnít always be around the parameter. There should be more swinging in and out with the big and atheletic men. This system is inspiring the 3ball, but that shot should be used sporadically, throw teams off balance with it.

    The Defense is spiffing up, but their positioning is still suspect. Too many easy baskets and the double teams arenít really doing anything but creating a more open shot for the opposition. This team hasnít gel enough to play that type of D yet. A zone is more beneficial and itís evident when Stat/Turiuf/Wilson decides to hover around the boards instead of chasing players around. As they become more familiar with each others tendenciesÖ that D the coach is trying to implement will have more impact. The great D (block shots) weíve been seeing was mainly on the individualís efforts, not so much the systemÖgiving up 100 points per game is the proof.

    Galloís shooting is still woeful and he still canít create off the dribble. Iím amazed at how teams are still sending him to the line instead of challenging him to make the basket, rarely does he get and 1ís. He really needs to work on his handle and bulk up some too; Iím tied of seeing him get thrown around, out rebounded and scored on due to his fragility, however, Iíll admit he has been helpful from the free throw and I do recognize a little bit more heart in the kid, at least he found a way to help the team out. Iíll take it.

    Weíll see how the Knicks play against the healthy and better teams. Itís a good thing the first part of the season is kinda soft, it gives them a fair chance to get into BBall form so we can see who is worth trading or keeping for the long haul. The winning feels good thou, its suppose to...I'm waiting for the more meaningful games, the teams that will truely test them. I wish em the best ofcoarse, but I will reserve my glee until then...

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