STAT keeps getting better, this is his team and he's playing like it. and the best part is the other players are buying into it and they are playing with urgency. in past years we wouldve crumbled in a game like this yet we kept composer and came away with a well deserved W.

Felton came up big in the 4th through the rest of the game. i keep getting more and more sold and impressed with this dude with each passing day. he's earned his place and all-star consideration. Gallo continues to be our xfactor he's playing well we play well we need him to stay on his game. sure some games he'll be bad and we come away from a W but for the most part we need his consistent effort.

we'll have Dougie and Turiaf back vs the nets so we should win that game. my thing is we need to start winning some home games establish that and we'll be a 6 seed easy were showing toughness on the road which i love. if we could match that intensity at home were a force team that could surprise some people down the stretch. once Azubukie come's back were adding another piece to a team that's already dangerous.

as for fields; i cant say enough great things about this kid, should be ROTY if you look at what he's added to the team. imagine that story 2nd round ROY! wont happen though. but still.