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    a few knicks bobbing up quite nicely in a some key stat catagories for this season. and we have the second best road win rate in the league behind the spurs. if we can get some more wins at the garden we are shaping up pretty nicely for a playoff run

    on a side note we are .500 now, who thinks we will be + or - that by seasons end?

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    definitely above 500. They just gotta start winning some home games! If we were 4-3(like we should be) instead of 2-5... we would be 11-7 right now. Hopefully it'll shape up right and they'll get on track
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    we need to win home games and establish some consistency and given our resilience and how we play against the elite teams we could fair pretty well in that december stretch vs the elite teams

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    Next stretch of 20 or so is pretty big.

    Crazy8 has a thread on it. Brutal. Brutal stretch. But we gotta forge ourselves in iron sometimes.

    I think we can finish nicely above .500

    Especially if Azzy comes back healthy. Our players gel a bit more, and gain more SSOL confidence.

    We could make some nice runs as time winds down on the season.

    But if we really tank this stretch of games my expectations will be tempered.

    I remember thinking if we go like 9-11 I'd be content lol. Real brutal. If we remain 500 or + it's game time.

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