The game was closer then the score shows. The D is still shacky, we need to stop giving up 100 points a game. When the Nets lost Devin in the 3rd, thats when both teams stop going back and forth with the scoring. Gallo is still shooting poor, still settling for the 3 instead of doing what Will the thrill was doing...taking it to the rack. When Gallo did go to the rack... the Nets D-fence let him by...most times losing the dribble or blowing the lay up. If Gallo can get to the line...he can help the team a lot, but he hurts the team if he cant. His rebounding and D isn't that impressive either, Felt has been pulling down about the same boards as Gallo. I do see a little heart in Gallo, I even like the scruffy beard look (shows he's ready to get down and dirty) but his all around game is still suspect, he's still expendable.

The team is finally gelling a bit, I see a potential championship if we had a roster of Felton, Fields, Stat, Wilson, Mello, Turiuf, Dougie, Walker, Moz and another big for rebounding and D.