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    The game was closer then the score shows. The D is still shacky, we need to stop giving up 100 points a game. When the Nets lost Devin in the 3rd, thats when both teams stop going back and forth with the scoring. Gallo is still shooting poor, still settling for the 3 instead of doing what Will the thrill was doing...taking it to the rack. When Gallo did go to the rack... the Nets D-fence let him by...most times losing the dribble or blowing the lay up. If Gallo can get to the line...he can help the team a lot, but he hurts the team if he cant. His rebounding and D isn't that impressive either, Felt has been pulling down about the same boards as Gallo. I do see a little heart in Gallo, I even like the scruffy beard look (shows he's ready to get down and dirty) but his all around game is still suspect, he's still expendable.

    The team is finally gelling a bit, I see a potential championship if we had a roster of Felton, Fields, Stat, Wilson, Mello, Turiuf, Dougie, Walker, Moz and another big for rebounding and D.

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    Originally Posted by KING~POETIQ
    I haven't posted in a short while, but I have been watching the games and I'm becoming more impressed with our team every game that we play. They have built that chemistry that we need to succeed.

    The only thing that I have a problem with is d'antoni. I feel like he is holding us back from becoming even greater. His coaching errors really irritate me because they are things that even a child would be able to correct.

    Just the other day when we were tied in overtime, we had the ball in our possession with a couple seconds to go, and the play is Chandler for 3?!?!?! I mean c'mon ... who runs a play to take a damn 3 when all you really need is a 2 pointer? seriously....

    hopefully we can correct this error by the end of the season and hire someone more competent

    Anyway, here's to more great wins for our NY Knicks

    Wilson's 3 was a terrible play, and I groaned and groaned, and it was 100x worse than the 3Gallo took at the end of regulation. But it's not D'antoni's culpability. At least not as plainly as you think.

    I wanted a legit, drawn up "textbook" play with more structure and drawn up points to it...And I view the lack of such things in certain spots (following time outs, key situational positions) as D'ant's biggest weakness.

    Making him pretty mediocre as an in-game strategy coach.

    But it also wasn't D'ant's design to take a 3, let alone Wilson to take a 3, let alone Wilson to lay an absolute brick. (without rehashing an expose' on what SSOL really is and the game theory/philosophy MD strives to operate within.

    For better or worse, and worse in this case, it was on the players to execute. Just in MD's team, versus a more traditional offense, when players don't execute, it often looks worse and more slapdash and like we have an absolutely empty suit at the helm.

    Or at least to execute better than foolishly chucking the ball back and forth around the perimeter like manics, until hot potato ended, Wilson happened to have the potatoe, and he heaved a terrible shot from the 3 line.

    Yet we still won the game.

    It's a game of edges, and variance, and plenty of losses bundled up even within the most winning philosophy -- or even most winning team.

    I wouldn't say there is a method to MD's madness. So much as there is a madness to his method.

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    So nice to have a win! Check out these pics from the game.. Such determination!

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