My list:

1. Protect Ya Neck (Wu-Tang)
The song was revolutionary and ushered in the the multi year dominance of The Clan. Genius's rhyme on this song is GOAT IMHO.

2. Mass Appeal (Gang Starr)
Super fly beat, lyrics and puns. Guru at his finest. RIP.

3. Big Poppa (Biggie)
Biggie doing his thing with his usual pimp flow and lyrics.

4. C.R.E.A.M (Wu-Tang)
Cash rules! nuff said.

5.Ready or Not (Fugees)
Classic beat and superior production value.

6. Dwyck (Gangstarr/Nice & Smooth)
Dope collaboration, lyrics ahead of their time and sick party beat.

7. Incarcerated Scarface's (Reakwon)
Hard lyrics, dope beats. Rea at his finest...sick flow!

8. NY State of Mind (Nas)
Off the hook beat, flow and lyrics. Nothing more to be said.

9. I Gotcha Open (remix) (Blackmoon)
Dope lyrics and flow.

10.T.O.N.Y. (CNN)
Gritty Queens at it's finest.

Honorable Mention:

Shook Ones (Mobb Deep)

This was quick and I am sure a left out some gems but this was my quick list without sitting here for hours.