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    Default Top 10 Hip Hop Songs of All Time

    My list:

    1. Protect Ya Neck (Wu-Tang)
    The song was revolutionary and ushered in the the multi year dominance of The Clan. Genius's rhyme on this song is GOAT IMHO.

    2. Mass Appeal (Gang Starr)
    Super fly beat, lyrics and puns. Guru at his finest. RIP.

    3. Big Poppa (Biggie)
    Biggie doing his thing with his usual pimp flow and lyrics.

    4. C.R.E.A.M (Wu-Tang)
    Cash rules! nuff said.

    5.Ready or Not (Fugees)
    Classic beat and superior production value.

    6. Dwyck (Gangstarr/Nice & Smooth)
    Dope collaboration, lyrics ahead of their time and sick party beat.

    7. Incarcerated Scarface's (Reakwon)
    Hard lyrics, dope beats. Rea at his finest...sick flow!

    8. NY State of Mind (Nas)
    Off the hook beat, flow and lyrics. Nothing more to be said.

    9. I Gotcha Open (remix) (Blackmoon)
    Dope lyrics and flow.

    10.T.O.N.Y. (CNN)
    Gritty Queens at it's finest.

    Honorable Mention:

    Shook Ones (Mobb Deep)

    This was quick and I am sure a left out some gems but this was my quick list without sitting here for hours.

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    I have thought for a while now that the Gza from 93 to 97 was rapping at a level that no other rapper has ever rapped at. Protect ya kneck is a perfect example of him outshining the other wu members

    1. 2pac - Pain
    Its been my favorite song since i was in high school from the classic movie above the rim

    2. DMX - Slippin
    I remember i was 11 when this came out, everybody in middle school was bowin down to X at this time

    3. Nas - One Love
    Never heard Illmatic til i was in 9th grade. Memory lane was my favorite song at one point, then represent, halftime, etc. but one love has been my favorite for a while now

    4. Rakim - Remember that
    The real GOAT great song to reminisce too...had a similar song on his new cd the 7th seal called "put it all to music"

    5. Mobb Deep - The Realest w/ kool G rap
    Love the beat...Alchemist killed it. I think P outshines g rap off the strength of his voice and flow, kgr did have the better lyrics unquestionably

    6. wu tang - protect ya kneck
    King Gza

    7. The Gza - Living in the World today

    8. The Gza - I gotcha back
    This is one of the most amazing songs to me, Gza's cleverness and creatity cant be matched. I dont think Liquid swords was better then Illmatic only because i though illmatic had better production, but Gza was rapping at a higher level then Nas on liquid swords

    9. DMX - Get at me Dog
    One of my favorite songs to workout too

    10. Nas - Take it in Blood
    Love the beat, love the flow. For some reason Nas's voice sounded better back then. It was written is one of the best rap albums ever
    "You be aight like blood money and a pimps cum"

    Thats my list....well not really. Its hard to come up with a top 10 anything. Im sure we both missed alotta gems trillion but i agree with u 100% about Gza. Ghostface killah is actually my favorite from Wu and i probably like Raekwon more then the Gza too especially now but back then the Gza almost always outshined the other members. Thats my favorite part about 36 chambers, comparing all the verses on it. They would all spit crack rocks on every single beat but some how the Gza would come with that witty flow and clever lines, finding a way to steal songs despite having legendary competition

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    Gza is and was my favorite member of Wu. Liquid Swordz is one of my favorite albums of all time. The guy just has a sick flow, crazy puns and complex lyrics.

    My joint:

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    songs is real hard, but albums is a litle easier

    1. nas - illmatic
    2. everything ever produced by anyone

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    I'm going to put a legit list of top ten songs of all time real soon .. I gotta break all the great albums down first ...

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