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A western road win against a great team. 6 in a row on the lonesome road. I'm gonna have to use the word jubilant for the way I'm feeling right now because it's been 15 years - 15 ****ing years - since a Knick team has won 6 consecutive games on the road.

STAT is a monster, man. Okafor looked like Bo Peep tonight. I don't wanna hear ANY 'but David West wasn't playing' either, because Ronnie Turiaf was out again, and our boys went in to their house and squeezed the life out of it.

And what's up with Williams? MADNESS!! Three 3s! What a contribution!!! Randolph's chances of making the rotation look even grimmer now. Especially considering MD's anal passion for the triple. Still, as always, AR's nice to have in the back pocket.

I bum Raymond Felton. (so homo) Some of his defence on Paul was exemplary tonight man. That tough hit in the lane just sais Captain Ray is here to stay cause this is how the Captain plays. T.O.U.G.H = tuff.
He looks like a Wombat on speed out there with that barrel body, but the guy's legit. A few hairy moments out there, but all made up for on defence and with grit.

You know it!!!!!

I do realise!!!! It's f'ing SENSATIONAL!

I am going to the pub right now.