Hey everyone Im a new poster here.. I've been a Knick fan since the 90s when I was a lil kid.. I was born in '86.. I remember game 7 of the 94 Finals.. Ewing , LJ, Oakley, Starks, Mason, all them guys.. The improbable run in '99 with Spree, Camby, Houston and those guys.. When Ewing got hurt before facing the Spurs I was proud of our team getting that one big win in that series..

After that year it was tough being a Knicks fan.. All the bad contracts, the Losing, Lenny Wilkins, Isiah , Larry brown, The scandals. A selfish point Guard and I got excited a few seasons like '04 when we got swept by the Nets in the first round .. And Isiahs first year as Head Coach when it looked like we may make the playoffs but we fell apart.. I kind of loved the Knicks from a distance at this time.. Long gone was the excitement of the Knicks and therefore the NBA for me.

Now Fast Forward to THIS year. Amar'e is better than I could've ever hoped for!! Felton I didnt know much about this year because Like I said I havent been following Hoops the way I used to because the team I love has been terrible for so long.. But the whoel team has HEART!! and the Biggest reason is because of Amar'e Stoudemire.. The leadership, the attitude, the work ethic, the toughness.. STAT is the whole package.. So far this year I think he is the league MVP .. PERIOD.. Aot of people claimed much of Stats success was because of Steve Nash.. but I think STAT has actually elevated his game year.. He is playing solid defense.. No doubt about it.. his rebounding is a bit up.. And lately he's been scoring 30 a game.. if the Knicks win 50 games this year I think STAT has a legit chance for an MVP.. I think if that does happen he WILL be the MVP.. and he Absolutely deserves it!! He has made the Knicks a much better team.. Im actually excited for Knicks games again.. I was on Vacation in Florida for Thanksgiving and i was watching streams online.. The whole Knicks fanbase is rejuvenated.. Now they cant say we havent beat anyone.. NO was 8-1 at home before this game and we also beat CHicago on the road!.. WE'RE PLAYING SOME SERIOUS DEFENSE!! I want Amare to give MR. Kevin Love some payback wen we see MINN in a couple days.. we gonna have some violins playing BABY!!

STAT For MVP.. He deserves it if the season continues likE this!!!!!!!!!