We are all likely familiar with the sign Jesus provided his followers concerning his second coming, in mathew 24; 3-14. Most nay sayers will say the sign that Jesus provided has always been happening in the world. And to an extent, they are correct. Except for the fact that all the events Jesus relayed, were grouped into one specific sign. Meaning that each of the references had to take place at the same time, which would then be the singular sign that Jesus has been enthroned as King in heaven, and the time alloted for the last days has begun. Biblical reference points to 1914 as the year this took place. The events within that time frame certainly give gleaming evidence that this is surely the case, and we have been livig in the last days for almost 100 years now.

But what stregnthens true Christian faith is what was said concerning the sign on verse 14. It reads

And the good news of the Kingdom will be preached in the entire inhabited earth, AND THEN THE END WILL COME.

The logical question one should ask then is, what exactly is the Good news? Well iys the same message Jesus and his apostles preached in their day. The truth about Jehovah, who is responsible for the way of the world, and what Jehovah plans to do about it. Jesus did it on a level higher, because his miracles performed showed without a doubt that Jehovah has the power to feed, heal, calm storms, raise the dead, strengthen faith. Today, miracles are not performed, but also they are not needed. We have the biblical accounts. All that is needed now is the preaching of the message, so people have a chance at life.

Jehovah has taken hold of his people as he has done throughout history, and has spearheaded the most thorough preaching work in human history the last 100 yrs or so. His witnesses have been preaching the same message Jesus started in the 1st century. But is it really being preached in the entire inhabited earth?

The NYT released an article sighting the worlds most read magazine. That magazine just so happens to be The Watchtower, published by none other than Jehovahs witnesses!

Prophecy unveiled before our very eyes! In light of this, will you maybe consider a brief chat with a witness next time thy appear at ur door?

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