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What exactly makes todays way of living great? The earth is polluted, people dont give a damn abt eachother, only themselves. The family structure is broken down, becauce of technology, we dont talk anymore, we text, further creating a social barrier beween ourselves. Wake up dude, we are one bad UN meeting away from ww3, the economy worldwide is stuggling, we still have aids. All these scientists out trying to disprove God, spend resource after resource on a missing link they wont find, while cancer amd aids run ramped. Man so smart, thy outsmart themselves.

Life itself is good. But the distractions of the devil, money, power, prestige, drugs, immorality, these are the things that are "good" in this world to people. The very same things that we have in abundance, kill us. Do u have hope for future generations? Real hope? Oh, I know. Once the world gets fully educated about atheistic viewpoints, we'll all be peaceful. Let me us a worldy term on how I feel about that... GTFOH!

People will be people. Athiest, religious, dumb deaf and blind. The world is the pits, even with all ir majestic scientific advances and pipe dreams. Its not getting better.

Why cant man make us live forever? Why cant their be peace? When is science going to alleveiate all forms of sickness? When will there be nomore blind? Deaf? Lame? Why even have a monetary system? Thats division. C'mon bright guy, gimme some answers. U claim u can pinpoint when the sun wilk blow up, u know we are half brothers with monkeys. When will science fix some REAL ISH?

meanwhile the mythical God Jehovah has already brought milliins of people together from all over the globe in TRUE PEACE! Wow! Something that does not exist has done something that the smartest beings in existence, human beings, have not been able to do in hundreds of thousands of years according to the science fiction in our public and private school books.

When the end comes, and very soon, you will absolutely remember these conversations, you will remeber Jehovah bringing all nations together in true worship and peace in a volitile world. You will remember Jesus words in mat 24:3-14 and you will remember 1914 and that the preaching work had to be done worldwide before the end came, and you will remember that the Watchtower, which says on each cover "announcing Jehovahs Kingdom", is the worlds.. THE ENTIRE INHABITED EARTHS, most read magazine. You will remember you scoffed at these prophecies, even though they smacked u in ur face hard.
Once again, I will repeat myself. I have never claimed any of those things. You are putting words in my mouth. This rant is filled with sarcasm and childish remarks.

I am just proving your claims false and holding you to a level of accountability, which has become obvious that you are not accustomed too, evidenced by your childish and immature response. When backed in a corner you respond immaturely.

You claimed current times are the worst in human history. You did not provide evidence for this claim. Just proclaimed it and told everybody to follow you because you are right. I challenged that claim with evidence. I asked for evidence to support your claim (e.g. name 1 year in the last 100 years where over 100 million people died from disease). Simple. Give me something besides "the world is the pits". When has the world never had death, disease, war, violence, murder? Just because it is happening now, doesn't mean life now is worse than any other period in history.

You constantly say "I am right and everybody is wrong". You knock on peoples doors and tell them they're wrong and ignore the facts. When you are confronted with facts that disprove your claims, you run away and act like a child. You can't just make claims and call them fact. That is not how it works.