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    To conclude my posts on this thread, I'll say that I wish you all the best, whether you're an atheist or a JW or anything else. Bitterness and pride are our enemies, not any other: be it an individual, a group or a mysterious being (e.g., Satan).

    This applies to atheists as much as it does to religious groups, because atheists just as often get angry, for whatever reason, with perceived enemies (e.g., religious people), in addition to looking down their noses at others.

    There is great pride and building of ego in individuality and exclusive membership and knowledge. Don't be ashamed to know nothing and be One.

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    Originally Posted by LJ4ptplay
    Language doesn't mean all the inhabited earth. I'm sure there are thousands of communites, totalling millions of people, in practically every country of the world, that have never heard of JWs, or even Jesus Christ for that matter. I can probably point to hundreds of communites in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Botswana, Myanmar, China, Japan, Columbia, Brazil, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, etc, etc, etc...

    What happens to those people? Do they get murdered by god simply because they live in a part of the world that is remote or doesn't practice christianity? Rather unfair. Is posting a JW pamphlet on a lampost in Tehran, Iran good enough? Does god say, "alright, all of Iran is covered, anybody that didn't happen to read the pamphlet while walking by, or doesn't live in Tehran, will be murdered."?

    And what about the billions of people that have already died that never got the chance to learn about JWs because it took you guys too long to get there?

    And doesn't this whole process seem a little inefficient for an all powerful, all knowing, being? A group of people printing out flyers and going from door to door? All those people that never had or never will get the chance to know the way god intended, will parish because they were too slow or didn't have the ability to reach them.

    I mean, wouldn't god know this? Some people are immediately stand-offish when somebody comes to their personal space. I hang up the phone on telemarketers. Sometimes people don't bother answering their door because they don't want to be disturbed. What happens if the flyer left gets blown away by the wind. That person gets murdered for that?

    None of this makes any sense or follows any sort of logic. Certainly not the logic of an all-knowing, powerful being that loved everybody and really didn't want to kill everybody he just wanted them to worship him.
    Jehovah is a just and fair God. He will give ample opportunity for all to learn the truth, simply because he wants NO ONE to perish. In places where we are banned, we take measures to reach people ANYWAYS RISKING OUR LIVES.

    the internet is available in places like that still and and are websites that can be accessed freely by all. There is no man made system that can prevent the work from being done. Governments, laws, ignorance, death. Nothing.

    And to answer your question abt thise who died before true worship was restored, have you not heard? There will be a ressurection of the righteous AND UNRIGHTEOUS.

    Unrighteous people are those who did not have the opportunity whether it be geographically, or otherwise to properly learn about Jehovah.

    Only wicked people, meaning people who ignore the opportunity to come to God, wont be ressurected. And no human can read a persons heart to know whether they are wicked. Gods job only. Is a person who decides to pretend they are not home when witnesses come to their door being unrighteous, or wicked? What would God think if you ignore his messenger?

    Jehovah has an answer for all questions u have the ressurection being the biggest. That solves all ur geographical and dark ages, etc examples. LISTEN WELL, THEY ARE COMING BACK TO LIFE. Just so they can GET TO KNOW GOD.

    You and I have a wonderful hope of never knowing death... because we live in the time of the very end. If one dies before the great tribulation, the ressurection hope for that one is valid. So say u have a family member who heard of Jw, but they were rooted so deeply in their faith, they rejected it. Jehovah then will consider that persons heart to determine whether they should recieve the ressurection. The kind of God he is suggests he will look for ANY excuse to bring a person back, even if they rejected his message.
    Adolf Hitler could he recieving this reward. This is why Jehovah is just and loving.

    However, if you are around when the great tribulation breaks out, and u have rejected his message, it will be like Noahs day, only the righteous will he preserved. Why? Because those who survive will be around for new instruction from God on how to deal with those who will he ressurected soon after. They will need to be taught Jehovahs ways.

    Jehovah has a lot of great things planned for humanity.

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