Ok biggest trade to make sense Kurt Thomas and Norris for Dampier. Between both players your not really losing much Dampier can post up and get boards he doesn't need to handle the ball but he can pass out of the double team. Second Trade Crawford is good but I have to give the edge all around to the Knicks trying to get Miles if still on the market for Anderson, Williams and Harrington Miles is long and athletic when he was teams up with Q-Rich they did great things they made the clippers a decsent team again he can create off the dribble he can pass long enough and quick enough to defend a SF or SG. The starting line up should be PG Marbury SG Houston (If healthy) SF Mile PF Sweetny( you have to get this kid minutes he has been working with Karim and we all know how Karim did in his career. C Dampier you have a athletic team with veterans some over their prime in Houston but with enough left to get one last push and a young teasm that can run Huston will becoem the Reggie Miller for the knicks he doesn't have to play defense and just stroke them 3's. sorry but tim thomas would have to added to a deal if houston can't go throw miles in teh sg role he can shoot. Look at that team young and athletic just what GM Thomas wants