Well Stat didnt say that, Big Pun did but has anyone noticed that Amare is sorta having his best year as a pro, at least statistically, without Nash?

So far hes averaging


These numbers are very comparable to his stats from the 04-05 season and the 07-08

Hes actually averaging a career high in assists per game

This is just his work through 23 games on a new team, where most of the other players are new to the team as well.

To this point Amare has proven himself as a star, and even as a franchise player. With the tougher competition coming up, will we see this change? Or will Amare provide us with more evidence that he deserves the MVP award?

I dont expect us to continue winning like we've been winning, but Ill be happy if we battle hard and play for 48 minutes. With Boston, Miami, Denver, and several other tough teams coming up the Knicks will have to squeeze out some wins. We have a leader in Amare that I believe will at least keep these games close