I know this sounds absolutely crazy and I know that KO folks are going to tear me up for saying this:

I do not want Carmelo Anthony on this team.

I do not pretend to believe that we currently, have a championship calibur team. But I do not believe that with Carmelo Anthony we have a championship calibur team.

I acknowledge that Carmelo Anthony is a better player then everyone on our roster except for STAT.

However, this is a team game folks.

There are very little facts in the whole situation to support why I do not want Melo. There are also very little facts that support why we should have him.

These are my worries (opinions):

1) Can Melo handle being the 2nd man or even a 3rd man? STAT is our number one and he needs to stay that way. He has inspired our team and willed them to win. No way does STAT step down and Melo take over. Felton has stepped up himself and I feel that he should keep his role as the co-captain.

2) Offensively, Melo is amazing. Melo works best in iso wing situations and D'antoni does not run that too often. Melo is not very good in the P&R. Will D'antoni change his offense to suit Melo's needs?

3) Defensively, well we already know he isn't a great defender. He doesn't bring this to the team.

4) Rebounding, also not his strong suit. He doesn't bring this to the team.

5) Hustle, Melo does not do this. He doesn't bring this to the team.

6) Ball movement, Melo is used to having the offense run through him. I'm not so sure if Melo can play off ball.

These reasons are probably flawed. This thread probably should be one-starred and closed. Regardless, this is how I feel.