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    We absolutely need Melo for at least 2 reasons.

    1) STAT & Felton playing waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to many minutes. I dont fault Dantoni cuz the team struggles when both are on the bench. Melo would alleviate.

    2) And if STAT or Felton gets hurt. Who will carry this team?

    Have you seen Melo perform in the Olympics with Dantoni's system he carried that team through pool play and early in the knockout round.

    In Miami, the had nothing established so the whole team had to adjust. Here, this is STAT's team, the Felton's team. Melo knows he has to get in where he fits in.

    Also the problem with Miami is that Wade and Lebron can shoot the 3 that well. Melo can.

    Everyone always want Gallo to drive more and get to the line. Melo will live at the line. You what happens when Gallo Stat and Felton go off. Melo is needed.

    In addition we need a defensive big man who can run and shoot. We need another Turiaf but and taller and healthier one.
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