I dont understand why people are shooting down getting the third beat pure scorer in the game.

His post game is deadly, mid range deadly, and it gives us another option to run the offense through when Stat sits. Plus, he does not need to dominate the ball to score. Even if he comes at the end of the season, Wilson will still want more than we can afford to pay him, of we sign Melo.

This man plays well with teammates, he will fit the offense fine. What cant he do that Chandler is? Imagine how motivated he will be to prove he was worth it? Look what Stat is doing... Think Melo will bring anything less?

If we lost Chandler, Fields/Randolph Curry, and '13 1st, does that really hurt us?

Fields is more than replaceable. Melo is flat out waaaaay better than Chandler. When is Chandler hanging 40 Lebron? He played team ball just fine when surounded by good talent in college and when Den first got Billups. And honestly, this team is already better than that one.

Do remember D'antoni goy phx to 2 conf finals with less talent than stat, felt and Melo....... In the west.