the nice suprises so far are fields and williams. i liked fields from day one of summer league but for him to start and contribute like he has is awesome. he really has set the pace for both the offense and the defense with his court awareness. and to be able to go to the bench and get the minutes from williams we have has been the difference. when we had to start chandler i was bummed i thought there goes the season. with no bench in the nba you're screwed over the long haul. bad surprises has to be randolph and gallo. gallo is just too inconsistent. and randolph it's like wtf? hopefully he will be able to get it together and help down the stretch. felton is looking good but i thought he would be about 18 a game with stat in the same lineup so not too surprized there.... nice to be in the hunt for a change go knickerbockersssssssssssssssssssssssss